Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St Patrick's day!

St. Patrick's day is a fun day in our home. We celebrate by making leprechaun traps! They have been doing this for years and continue to try to improve their traps. This year the girls decided not to use a box. They've used boxes forever and the leprechauns always find a way out. They surmised that perhaps the box would warn him of a trap. 

This year they decided on a big picture with pots of gold. The gold was wet paint. They hoped the leprechaun would get stuck. 

Connor had homework to do. I guess he's outgrown the trap making.

The girls left out their trap. 

In the morning the girls were thrilled to find glitter everywhere. 

The leprechaun made a mess for sure!

He seems to have left his hat behind!

And he left some goodies for the kids! 

The leprechaun also turned water on the house green, and the kids wore green accessories to school. All in all a good day. :)

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