Friday, April 24, 2015

Museum of science

Yes. Everyone was right; it was CRAZY crowded. But I was working from home and trying to manage a lot going on, so yesterday was when we went to the museum of science. We bought a membership so the good thing was we felt like we could spend our time at things without worrying that we would miss other things. We can come back whenever.

Given the crowds we opted to do some more out of the way exhibits. That was cool. We saw the animals of New England, and spent a long time at the alternative energy exhibit, which has a lot of hands on activities. The kids also tried their hands ar building an extreme trampoline. It was a fun trip.


Testing out the best location for solar panels.
Collecting solar energy
The big guy all dressed for Monday's marathon!
Building their trampolines
Getting ready to test how high a golf ball will bounce on the trampoline! The record for the day was 82cm. We had: 47, 24, and 10 I think.
Aisling's trampoline.


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