Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Updated: I cannot believe I forgot to mention church on Sunday. Scroll down. Sorry all my St. James family!!

We had Monday off this week, and the kids had Tuesday off. So, we decided it would be a great weekend to head back to Vermont to visit our family of friends. We had a wonderful visit. We were able to stay with our friends and we were able to get together with all of our Kamp Kaos family.

Our hosts with the mosts:
Our dining quarters: 
(Nothing says "quiet dinner" like six kids ages 4-12)

Our chores:


Sunday morning we started our day with church. Our church in Vermont has been St. James Church  since I was pregnant with Aisling. They accepted our mish-mosh family with loving and open arms. They were with us every step of the way through Aisling's ear tube surgeries; Connor's struggles and finally diagnosis of ADHD; Wyatt from soup to nuts; and they were there when Siobhan was born early and we worried about her lungs. This church was all we could have wanted from a church and more. We went from a family of 3 to a family of 6 during our ten year tenure at this church and each time our family grew, more love was provided. Our children have a strong understanding of what it means to be a christian thanks to this church. 

Saying good bye this past Sunday was very hard. (Although we've technically been gone for a month; we had an official good bye service with blessings). I know that we will be back again, but of course it will not be the same. Knowing that we are headed on our way surrounded by the love and devotion of St. James makes it so much easier. 

We have always marveled at how easily St. James accepted Wyatt into their family as well. No one loved Wyatt nearly as much as his church community. He was a lucky, luck soul to have been part of that community. We really wanted to bring him with us this past Sunday but it didn't work out. We will try again. Wyatt rarely seemed as content as he did at a church service. 

Thank you St. James; for everything. 

After church we had a visit with our Kamp Kaos family. 
We also snuck in a visit with our favorite teenager: 
 Who seems to be doing very well these days!

  Of course we were also able to enjoy the foliage! What a beautiful weekend.


And, because that's what family does, we made all the kids pose for a group photo. 
In about 17 pictures, I think they are looking at the camera together twice. 

 This one's a keeper. 
I love this group of people so very much.

 Requisite silly faces...

 And it slowly falls apart.... 

Vaughan leaves, and they are done. But, we got a few good shots!

 Also, some silly girls for you!

My kiddos posed for some pictures with their fo-bro. 

 On Monday we had a lovely visit with Kaye, who used to watch all the kids after school. She's like another grandmother to them and we all love her very much. We were lucky to be able to see her! In addition the kids stopped by school to see their old teachers and some friends. That was brief but nice. Finally we swung by the dance studio,. We were able to meet Gavin, Ms. Lauren's BEAUTIFUL little boy! What a love! Connor was able to take a few dance classes and we had a lovey time socializing. Unfortunately, I didn't think to get any pictures of the old dance crew. I wish I had.

We had a lovely visit and it was so nice to reconnect with our family of friends again.

Until next time Vermont.

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