Sunday, September 15, 2013

Settling in; checking it out.

We have begun the process of settling in here in Chelmsford. The kids have done amazing. Dance classes are just cruising along, and the kids have made fast friends in their school classes. We are, of course, still surrounded by boxes and disorganization, but we will get there. The bottom line is, everyone seems very happy. 

We decided to attend a town historical society sponsored "farm fair" here in Chelmsford yesterday. There are a few things worth noting about our move. We have moved from a small, rural town of about 10,000 people, to an suburban city of just about 35,000 people. We love this in a lot of ways because things are so much closer. In addition, things like this seem to happen often and won't require an entire day devoted to traveling there and back. However, "farm fair" was a bit of a misnomer for these girls fresh off the Vermont land!

We took the girls only since Connor was at dance (where else!) There were the usual things like bake sale and lunch sale to benefit the high school sports teams. There were lots of displays like fresh honey (complete with bee boxes); pony rides; face painting (not even close to what we are used to with our gifted friends!); hayride; and some local displays. We had a blast. It was so nice to be able to participate in something in our town, and each girl ran into a classmate while there. 

Checking out the bees. We took home some fresh honey!  

Lunch break!  
 Siobhan took a pony ride, while Aisling got her face painted.



 Face painting. 

 Wagon ride!

 This was a cider press. The girls LOVED it. 


 The cider was tasty! 

 There was a weaving loom too. The girls had a blast with that one. 
I think a trip to the textile museum may be in order! 

After the farm fair we went to Grandma Susan's house to pick up a few things and have dinner. Another benefit of moving, our family is so much closer. We are very blessed. Dinner was lovely!

 Grandma's house is located on beautiful land, with hills perfect for rolling! 

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