Sunday, September 22, 2013

One is silver and the other gold.

This weekend was full of friendships, both new and old. On Saturday night Al and I spent some time with new neighbors. We hit it off very nicely, and I anticipate more neighborhood gatherings. That was a wonderful time.

On Sunday we went to the Eastern States Exposition with my best friend from high school and her son. What a wonderful day surrounded by one of my oldest and best friends.

What a weekend!

Aisling and Siobhan had chalk put in their hair. 

Clydesdale horses!

We went to a demo of a steam cleaner and the kids LOVED participating 
by coloring on the floor with crayons. 

The circus may have been the favorite part for my performance loving children! 

They LOVED the performing dogs, and they were so thrilled to find out
 they had won America's Got Talent! 

The next act was Connor's favorite. We have seen many aerialist performances before, the kids love them. But this performance was by a male. Connor was beyond himself with excitement, and kept stating the ballet moves he was seeing. This guy was seriously amazing. We tried to go see him after the show so Connor could chat with him, but he wasn't around. 

There was a clown act involving "Tow Mater" which was pretty awesome!

This performer did costume changes in seconds.
 It was beautifully choreographed and so cool to see! 

Finally there was the "Human arrow". Similar to a human cannon ball, but from a giant crossbow! Connor held his breath the entire time! 

There is is in the air!

And into the net! 

Next we needed lunch. Giant corn dogs anyone?

When Connor was 4 we took him to the Champlain Valley Fair to see Galaxy Girl. He fell in love. He had her autograph, and he pretended to do her stunts all over the house. Well, she was at the Big E this year! We didn't get to see her up close, but she was amazing nonetheless.This picture is of her doing a handstand at the top of that pole.


Next we were able to take on a few rides. This one cracks me up. Siobhan rode the "Bumble Bee Bop" with Jacob, Kristen's son. Jacob was fresh off a terrible ride experience at Six Flags a few weeks ago, and was petrified. Siobhan was looking for more action! The bee ride could have gone up high, but Jacob didn't want it to. So, Siobhan was miserable that they were not going higher, and Jacob was afraid for his life. Not your typical "We love rides" picture at all! 


Next the Frugolis did some rides of their own. 



Aisling, being more of a dare devil than the other two, did the swing ride alone. She had a blast! 


Connor and Siobhan chose the tamer ride. 
Although Connor was a tad disappointed in his choice at the end. 

 Together the kids enjoyed the tamer swings as well.

Overall it was a great weekend. I am so glad we were able to connect with Kristen and Jacob, as well as spend time with new friends, and even with our family. Time well spent indeed. 

Now, tomorrow morning we have forgotten homework to cram in, as well as five showers to get through, since no child has showered since Thursday. 

But, still.... totally worth it. 

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