Monday, August 6, 2012

A long weekend at Hampton Beach

(July 26-29, 2012)
When I was growing up we used to spend almost every single summer in a rented house on the boardwalk of Hampton Beach. Those are some of the best memories I have of my childhood. I love having the opportunity to share "my home" with my children. We've gone up for just the weekend two summers in a row now, and each time we go it's so exciting! I love making new memories with my children in places where I have great memories, and I love that we know have this shared tradition.

Before it's time to leave with the camper, there's lots of work to be done to attach it to the car. Thankfully Aisling was around to help out.

Thank goodness she's a brownie, and can do anything! 

Someone was happy to be camping! 

Sister snuggles!
Our site, number 24, was right on the stream. 
Made for some bugs, but also a great view. 
It was also a great spot to look for frogs!

 We didn't catch any frogs, but Connor and I caught some cute girls.
More sister snuggles. 
Connor hand made the sign at his week of "Julie camp".
It's awesome! 

 Legos were a hit this week. 
Given the rain we needed something to do inside.

 We got to the campground Thursday night. 
We were able to go to the beach on Friday and Saturday.
The beach, as always, was amazing. We got there at lunch time. The weather was iffy; so we didn't have the kids wear their swimsuits. That was a novice mistake! The kids got totally wet in their clothing. We had a picnic lunch on the beach, and then the weather turned beautiful so they were able to hit the beach!

 I could not keep these guys out of the water! They had a blast in those waves!

 We made some perfect tunnels!

After the beach we headed to dinner at Mama Leone's, a favorite of my childhood! 

 The next day we were a little smarter. We had them wear their bathing suits there. 
We also had lunch in the car right away and enjoyed the beach after that. 
Lunch in the car is always fun!

Then we went right down to the beach and stayed for the entire day.

We took the opportunity to have Blink's Fry Dough. The best in the world.
Connor decided to have a Slushie. He's a rebel.

Siobhan had a milkshake. Those two cannot be trusted. 
Aisling had a fry dough. It was bigger than her arm. 

After the beach of course we made time for the arcade!  (and tickets!)

We ate our dinner on a little casual place with a view of the bandstand. I'm certain Siobhan was convinced that there was live music. I cannot capture for you the excitement in her face as she watched this concert. She demanded that we go back to it and dance, in the rain, after dinner. It was a great moment to share with her. She definitely has music in her blood. Her life will contain dance forever, that is for sure.

High stakes poker while waiting for dinner.

I cannot capture for you how enthralled she was with this music.
thankfully we have a family of music lovers who were more than
 content to eat their desserts outside in the rain!

The next day was Sunday. We hung out around the campground 
and then packed up for home. The campground offered free tie dye. Including the shirts!

Rainy, campy, goofy breakfast.
We camp with Vermont maple syrup. ;)
Go Fish!
I won!

Seeking cover from the rain.

$1.00 chinease jump rope. Kept all three kids busy!

As I looked through the pictures; it appears that someone got a hold of my camera. Enjoy our trip from Siobhan's perspective!
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