Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fun on the fourth

We had a fairly decent fourth of July. Connor, Aisling, and Siobhan walked (or danced really) in the town parade with,. of course, their dance school. We then went over to a friend's house for her annual party and family Olympics. I don't have great pictures of that, but it was really fun. Sadly, we also found out on the fourth that our loving cat Smokey had died. He was about 16 years old, but he was a lovely cat full of love and life! He will be missed for sure!

Prepping with some face paint.

Aisling looks very grown up here. I'm, having a hard time with that!

Pre-parade shenanigans!

I could not ask for a better "dance family". 
All of the kids are wonderful and get along so well. 
We are very blessed.

We finally made them all sit down; it was so hot!

Rehearsing the dance for the parade route.

Siobhan was the sign carrier!

To the start of the parade! 
Our fearless sign holders!

 And some marching/dancing

Of course there were other nice things in the parade as well....

After the parade it was fun to hang out with all the arriving people and floats. We ended up being right next to Rowley fuels. They had obviously been shooting water at the bystanders during the parade. Our hot and sweaty dancers were very happy to make their acquaintance!

Me next me next!

Connor got soaked!

Then of course there were the water bottles....
This picture is weird. I assure you he got her!

Aisling preparing to soak Miss Lauren!

The girls found some shade!
(Under Derek's truck!)

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