Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A wonderful weekend with friends!

This past weekend (August 2-5, 2012) we spent the time camping with our dear friends Shel and Dave and their two daughters. Shel and I went to graduate school together. We don't see one another nearly enough. I believe it's safe to say, however, that we have begun an annual tradition of camping together, particularly at this campground, because it was phenomenal! We had a blast together and our children have become fast friends. The campground is also amazing. It's called Pine acres campground (find it here) and it was clean, beautiful, full of amazing and pleasant staff, and so full of things to see and do that there is no chance of boredom. It's also accessible, which was fantastic as Wyatt was with us. Clearly there will be more (and hopefully longer) visits to Pine acres!

One of the best things about this campground is the water park that they have at the pool area. 
Truly fun times were had there!

There was also a beach there. We went to the beach Friday night. 
At that time of day, it turns out there are snakes!

Of course we roasted marshmallows and had s'mores!

There were a ton of caterpillars! 
The kids had a wonderful time catching (and naming) all of them!

This campground also had a sluice box! 
Connor was in his glory and found a ton of large stones.

There was also a dance Saturday night with a live band.

The photos below are out of order but are from my phone.

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