Saturday, February 5, 2011

Busy day!

Today we had a busy day, but it was pretty fun. We started the day at the Burlington parks and recreation family activity expo at the ECHO Center in Burlington. It was a day of reduced admission into the center, and a bunch of area places with tables and booths. It was pretty fun, although very crowded. It was part of the Burlington Winter festival, although we only participated in this. (It was more than enough stimulation!) The kids had a great time; we always do at ECHO. We also enjoyed the various groups that were there. Connor learned he has only 1 more inch and 2 more pounds to go before he is free of a car seat entirely. He's determined to eat us out of house and home so he can get there! The kids also made some crafts and got free gifties like toothbrushes and toothpaste. (Can never have too much of that!)

I think one of my favorite parts of the day was when the kids too part in a free try at a martial arts class. They were both able to break a board with their feet, as witnessed here:

They also did a few other things, like made imaginary creatures out of food:

and learned how to tie knots:
And dug for whale bones:

Oh, also when we got there a local radio station (the one we had been listening to on the way down) was broadcasting. They spotted Aisling and asked her if she would like to say hello over the airwaves. She managed to squeak out a quiet "Aisling" and then went pretty mum. Connor tried to whisper a few things in her ear, but it didn't work! It was still pretty exciting though!

My least favorite part of the day was when we lost Siobhan. I've been a parent for almost nine years now, and I've never actually lost a kid. (Which is a miracle, considering how many I have) I've experienced those little heart stopping moments, like when you turn around and a kid is gone, but then you realize he or she is just down the next aisle or something similar. Not this time. This time I turned around and she was gone. I mean GONE. We looked around for what felt like ten years, and she was still not there. I went around looking for her and began calling her name. I was unable to find her anywhere. At this point I happened to run into our family doctor, who began helping me look. (That's actually something we look for in a doctor, ability to look for lost children in crowded public places). At last I decided that I needed to go to the front desk to tell them she was missing. However, I had my doubts about this being successful. After all, if she heard her name, what would she do? She's only 2. I also realized, as I began to walk down, that my mind had gone blank. I could not remember what she was wearing or anything. I was very much panicking. At the moment I began to make my way to the front desk, I heard her name over the loudspeaker. "We have Siobhan here looking for her mother". I don't think I have ever run so fast in my life. I grabbed her up and did not let go! It turns out she had wandered away, and an extremely kind woman had noticed she looked panicked. Siobhan had been able to tell the woman where she had been, and she took her back to look for us. (We had already left to look for Siobhan). She was also able to tell the woman her name. I am so proud of her ability to speak for herself, and help herself out. It is not a moment I will soon forget, and one I hope never to repeat.

We were able to end the afternoon on a great note, though, and we went sledding at a great huge hill near our house. Everyone had a fantastic time with that, and I think we'll be going back soon.
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