Sunday, January 25, 2009

It was only a matter of time...

...until I had to cut something out of someone's hair. I've been a parent for almost seven years now, and frankly I am surprised it hasn't happened before today. I was able to get gum out of hair last year with peanut butter and hot water, and last year I was able to work a truck out of hair as well. This time however, out came the scissors.

Aisling was playing with a friction truck, you know the kind with warning labels on the packages that say "do not place close to hair, risk of entanglement" blah blah blah? Apparently that's actually true. She had that truck utterly wound up in her hair.

She ran out to me crying (it looked like it hurt a bit), so I did the first most sensible thing, I called for the camera.

Here we have the truck firmly lodged in the hair:
Yup, firmly:
Really firmly:Poor unhappy truck-wearing girl: (In her undershirt only, no matter how cold, and also wearing her purse. Gotta have that at all times...)I got out as much as I could, but there was no way to get this out. The hair was also wrapped all around itself even once it was freed from the truck:(It's obviously not much... thank goodness!)
Here we have the hair that ended up being cut out: (Not a bald spot, but still... hair... cut...)
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