Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh to be four....

So I had my first write an anonymous note and leave it under the windshield moment yesterday. What was it you ask? Did I ding a door with my door? Nope. Accidentally bump then when parking? (nope, although not unthinkable....). No, what actually happened was my darling four year old eyed the radio antenna on the car next to us, and decided to pull it down. I look over and she's got her hand on a radio antenna that is now horizontal. It was, I assume, previously vertical. When you're four, you just get to do whatever comes to mind, see. She thought it looked fun to pull, so she pulled it. The kicker is that she's now going through a lying phase. Oh yes, everyone's favorite developmental stage.... THE LIE. I look over at her, and her hand is coming down in the general direction of this antenna, which is now lying perpendicular to its natural position. I ask her if she bent the antenna.
"Aisling, did you bend this antenna?"
"No" she says again, clearly looking at everything but me
"Aisling, look at me and tell me"
"The wind did it Mommy"
uh-huh. The wind. Sure thing. *Sigh*
So myself and this random person are now playing phone tag so I can get the antenna paid for.
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