Friday, July 18, 2014

The fifth of July

On the Fifth of July we continued our festivities with the annual family of friends backyard Olympics! This has been a tradition for at least 10 years and is beloved by all! 

We always start with a trip to the beach. 

They took turns burying one another. They were especially pleased when they figured out how hysterical it was to add "boobs" to all the buried people. 

Aisling gives that the thumbs up. 

When we return from the beach, the games begin. First up: Three legged race. 

Then: Sack races!  

Then: the shrinking dance floor! 

Followed by water games

Pie eating contest! 

Soda is available at Julie's house! Woo hoo! 

An amazing day; as usual. We are blessed with an amazing family of friends.

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