Friday, July 18, 2014

Fourth of July 2014

We had the great fortune to be able to spend the Fourth of July in Vermont with our family of friends. Connor and Aisling were both off with friends for the day, so Al and I had a special day with just Siobhan! The first event was the parade in the town of Richmond. Denise and Chris were working on a fundraiser event so we were blessed with hanging out with Genevieve for the day as well! 

Parade watching! 

I spy with my little eye..... Denise! 

A most patriotic dog! 

There was a float handing out ice pops! What a great idea! 

(Future Connor?)

After the parade the town center was full of old time games and events. 
The first event which had to be done of course was the huge bouncy obstacle course. 

Chris and Denise were grilling up veggie burgers for their Odyssey of the Mind team.
(Well, Chris was grilling) 

Denise handled the money. 

Siobhan handled the watermelon. 

After the food break there were kids' games!  
Three legged race to start. 

That's a little tricky. 

Next up: Wheelbarrow. 

Then: tug of war!

Egg toss! 


Well, that's the end of that! 

Next up: More food!  
Strawberry shortcake! 

Of course Siobhan and Genevieve cannot be far from any opportunity to be fashion forward. These fancy crowns just called out to them. 

And of course, some time on the playground!  

We had a fantastic day followed by a movie and fireworks. What a lovely day just spent hanging out and relaxing with dear friends! 
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