Monday, May 23, 2011

Siobhan is 3!

I cannot believe it, but my baby has turned 3 years old! I always seem to have such a hard time when my babies reach odd numbered ages. Not sure why that is; but 3 just seems so much older than 2; and 5 seems light years away from 4. Strange, I know.

Here's a snapshot of Siobhan at 3 years old:
-she loves to color. She will literally sit for an hour with crayons and a coloring book and color. Not only does she love it, but she's a perfectionist at it. She can color slowly and take her time like nobody's business. She does not scribble.
-She LOVES to dance. She would wear a leotard all day if I let her. She goes to dance class once a week and love it. She dances constantly. It's awesome.
-She has very strict definitions of what's appropriate for boys and what's appropriate for girls. This cracks me up, because she obviously did not pick this up from our home. But, she will adamantly tell you that pink is for girls, blue is for boys and boys do not do ballet. (Don't worry, we're trying to break her of this!)
-She will not wear pants. If I want to put pants on her it can be a physical struggle! She is a skirt wearing/dress wearing diva!
-She is a talker. She will tell you word for word what she did during the day at school. She will also talk with her hands.
-She can turn it on and get when she wants when she wants it. She could get anything she wanted out of her older brother and sister. This makes this behaviorist of a mama pretty frustrated!
-She is a love. She is a snuggler and a lovey girl. She loves to snuggle with a blanket at bed time (blanky blank).
-She is totally excited for pre-school! She is so excited about school. She asks for help in tracing her name and is eager to learn.
-She is loved. Happy birthday dear Siobhan!!

Here are some pictures of her birthday party.

Sitting in the special present opening chair!

Opening a special gift from Connor and Aisling!
A new matching dress from one of her best friends Genevieve!
Thankfully she found some shoes to go with it!
Hooray for princess cakes!

Playing with her friends. This was the first time Siobhan really had friends over.
She was in heaven!

Here is a video of Siobhan enjoying one of her favorite birthday gifts.
(Note the wardrobe change!)

All in all it was a fantastic day. Her godmothers came over for dinner (Siobhan's choice of macaronis and cheese and hot dogs!) and more cake. Of course they also spoiled her with gifts!

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl!
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