Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alone with my children tonight.

If you were alone with my children tonight you would have:
1) Cleaned up a pile of colored sand from a broken sand bottle Aisling made yesterday; After she tried to clean it up with her toy vacuum of course.
2) Purchased $35.00 worth of food from McDonald's so you wouldn't have to cook.
3) Cleaned up a bottle of spilled milk from the newly washed floor
4) Eaten dinner with one child in a bathrobe instead of milky clothes
5) endured your foster son throwing his spoon with every other bite
6) Endured numerous thrown french fries from the baby
7) Listened to your son practice piano in the basement while barricading the doorway with your foot so your baby cannot go to the basement, while also continuing to help your foster son eat.
8) Allowed your son to try to beat level eight on Translmania.
9) Endured a temper tantrum when he couldn't beat it.
10) Listened to the baby walk around crying "no no no no" while you assisted your foster son in getting ready for bed
11) Listened to shouting and mysterious heavy banging from upstairs while you assisted your foster son in getting ready for bed.
12) Totally measured your foster son's medication wrong, and re-measured it. (While listening to the baby cry "no no no no no")
13) Arrived upstairs to find numerous children hanging out in your bathroom with suspicious amounts of toilet paper all over the floor.
14) Found your daughter sitting on the floor looking at a view finder with her toothbrush on the floor next to her because she "forgot she was supposed to be brushing her teeth".
15) Bribed the children with treats if they quietly helped each other with pajamas.
16) Been disappointed, but not surprised, when even bribery didn't work.
17) Skipped baths for everyone
18) Actually put the children to bed within 2 hours of their typical bedtime.
19) Had a blast reading favorite books before bed
20) Endured a kicking baby who eventually settled and snuggled
21) Collapsed by 9:00.
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