Monday, August 10, 2009

I love you; I just don't want to kiss you.

Connor and Aisling talk about getting married sometimes. It's very cute. They play house a lot, and pretend to be husband and wife. After they play, Connor always reminds us that he knows they can't get married in real life, but they're just pretending. (Phew, cause we were worried about them trying to get married for real...)

Today in the van I head the following conversation:
Aisling (5) "Connor we have to kiss on the lips when we get married".
Connor (7): just looks at her.
Aisling: "Yeah, I think we have to kiss on the lips when we get married. But we can wipe it off when we're married".
Connor: "Mom, can we wipe off the kiss after we get married?"
Me: "um, yes"
Connor: "Okay"

I guess kissing is icky.
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