Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aye, you scurvy lad!

We sent Connor to pirate themed cub scout day camp this past week During this camp he did things like shoot BB guns, bows and arrows, and cross bow. He is now asking for a BB gun for Christmas. I am not so sure how I feel about this! He also helped create a skit, and did lots of crafts. He also learned phrases like "...then he screamed like a girl" in regards to a friend that saw a snake. *sigh* this is what you get with a group of seven year old boys I suppose! He had a fantastic time. I think cub scouts has been a wonderful thing for him. Here are a few pictures and videos from his last day.

His den did a skit. He was the only one in a homemade costume. He was also the loudest and clearest of the den! Good work Matey! (I guess drama camp paid off...)His camp also made a big pirate ship out of refrigerator boxes. here is is peeking out of the window. Shortly after this picture, everyone got in trouble for being in the boat when they weren't supposed to be. Oops...

Here's a picture of the whole camp. He's the only one in his red shirt; but he also got a blue camping shirt.
Here's a video of him getting his camp patch; his pirate name was Captain Green Beard. I also have other videos I can upload later.

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