Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Such a beauty!

Aisling, as you know, is turning five (and seemingly celebrating for months). In light of that big event, I decided to let her get her ears pierced. It became a really funny conversation when I brought it up to Al. He said that he's been wanting to get them pierced for a while, but that I said no! Today was the day.

When I mentioned it to Aisling she was excited. She talked about it all morning! I picked her up after camp and we went right there. She named off every friend of hers that has pierced ears. I tried explaining to her what it would feel like, but I think all she heard was "... and then you will have earrings in your ears".

She clambered up into the big chair, and hugged the hugging teddy bear that was there. I tried to take her picture during the piercing, but she wanted me to hold her hand. The woman did the first ear. The look of pain, shock, and surprise on Aisling's face made me tear up, I kid you not. Aisling held it together and did not cry at all. (I was almost not as lucky....). She looked beautiful, and was very proud of herself!

We picked out a few pairs of earrings on our way out (including a Disney princess pair!) I am looking forward to looking at even more earrings with her!

Connor was very cute about the whole thing, and admired her ears (over and over and over and...) like a champ! Very proud older brother.
Waiting for piercing!

Post Piercing!
Beautiful earrings!
The bag says it all!

She has been very good about cleaning her ears, and instructed Al how to do it exactly. She's very diligent!
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