Tuesday, July 7, 2009

just another night....

This afternoon I bought Siobhan a sand and water table. The idea was that I could put it out on the back deck (where she always wants to be) and leave her for a few minutes while I load the dishwasher or something similar. Ideally, this will cut down on her escaping to the deck unknown. I brought it home and put it together. Then, because I am an idiot awesome mother I decided to set it up in the living room. I filled it with water and.... it leaked. A lot. Everywhere. Turns out I had not done things tightly enough. Why do all my issues seem to involve water?

Then, at dinner, I broke a glass. It slid right out of my hands and onto the counter. We're not sure if any of it got into Al's dinner, but he ate it anyway. Way to take one for the team, Al.

Then, after dinner, our neighbor came over for a sleep over. The kids were super excited, and ran outside to play. Before we knew it, it was well after 8:00, and the kids were exhausted. So, we began the bedtime routine. You know, the one consisting of crying, throwing pajamas, flopping down into a chair naked to cry and scream some more, and chasing your brother into his room because he won't let you join his sleep over? That one. The noise level got so loud with Aisling's tantrum bedtime routine, that our neighbor went home because he was not comfortable here. I never knew that was an option. Can I try that some day? Can I sleep somewhere else when I am not comfortable here?

Maybe tonight. Before I go to bed, I need to remember to change the sheets. My darling four year old woke up snuggling next to me while announcing "I had an accident". Yeah, in my bed.

That was my night.
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