Thursday, May 21, 2009

The hamster dance.

Connor has been getting an allowance for a few years now. What that means is that when we remember, we give him a few bucks to put in his bank. He has a bank that breaks up immediate spending money, donating money, and saving money into three separate places for him. He's been putting money into his saving place the entire time, and never spent a dime. He counted it the other day, and had just over $60.00. Pretty impressive I think! He would have had more had I not taken some for coffee money, but I digress.

Anyhoo, he decided he wanted to buy a hamster with this money. Originally he was going for a $100.00 Lego set, not sure what changed his mind. Maybe he figured the hamster would be an even bigger way to make a mess. Of course, 1200 legos would do the trick too....

He picked out a hamster and a cage. This cage in fact. Cool, no? He played with the hamster for a bit, and went off to bed. The next day he was full of hamster joy at church. Then came Monday.... (suspenseful music cue here...) Some time during Sunday night, a curious cat came into Connor's room and knocked the entire cage, yes the Crittertrail X, onto the floor. Lo and behold, one less hamster. We looked for a bit, with no luck. (Not only is it a hamster, but it's a dwarf hamster. It's like as big as the foot of a one year old. Not that I measured or anything... no way). My poor son went off to school so disappointed. I stayed home with Siobhan that day because she was sick, and I turned the house upside down. It turns out hamsters are really good hiders.

Tuesday we went to the store to find a new hamster, having given up hope on the old one. After a few let downs we did find a good one. New hamster in old cage, all was right in the world again. On Wednesday we brought the hamster in for "share" (What hamster hasn't dreamed of going to a first grade classroom, really?)

Wednesday night was interesting (suspenseful music....) At about 9:30 that night wihle I was checking out facebook doing some important computer work, I heard the most freaky, high pitched, scared scream I've ever heard. There was Al pointing at the stairs saying "hamster, hamster, hamster...." Yup, he's great with the beasts. The original hamster had returned to us. Oh good. Now we have two hamsters. Great. I am so happy. I scooped up that one and we made a temporary cage for it. She was filthy and starving, but she had survived.... (I'm hearing Gloria Gainer here...)

Today I ran out and got another cage. Now each kid has a hamster in their bedroom. Awesome, just what I always wanted....
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