Friday, March 14, 2008

Pictures of our trip to MA

So, I am not going to add much commentary, because I am tired, but here's the lowdown:
1) We visited with Al's mom and aunt
2) We spent the night at a cool hotel with an indoor water park
3) We visited my aunt and uncle, a few cousins, my cousin's ADORABLE baby, my dad, and a few others thrown in
4) We visited with Shane and Marcia (By the way: Shane and Marcia are the proud parents of another baby girl! Oceana Marie was born Friday the 7th).
5) We went home, exhausted, but happy!
Enjoy the pictures

I cannot explain how this happened. I think Marcia worked some sort of voodoo on the children.

Here's a movie for you to enjoy, of course one other favorite feature of the hotel:

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