Sunday, February 14, 2016

Camping and the fair

I realize it is February; and I finally have time to finish posting this!

We spent Labor Day weekend (September 5-7, 2015) camping with great friends of ours in Vermont. We built a lot into that weekend! A weekend of camping with friends; a day at the fair; and an afternoon at a friend's camp with a dip in the river. What a great, busy, weekend.

We had a great time camping at Lone Pine. It was so nice to see our friends again; as we don't get to see them very often. It was a great way to reunite!

The fire truck ride was a sure hit! 

The kids played a lot of ladder ball! 

Even the dogs were happy to be camping! 

The time in the pool was a blast! 

After hanging out at the campground we went to the Champlain Valley Fair. The first thing we saw was the butterfly exhibit! Pretty amazing. 

We also connected with more of our favorite people to ride some rides at the fair! So wonderful having these people in our lives. 

The teenagers had some goofy times too. 

Cadence and I had just donated our hair! I however, did not shave mine; as I am not nearly as brave as she. 

Back at camp the next day we rented some cool bikes for the kids! There weren't enough bikes for everyone but They managed to share with almost (almost) no fighting. 

I love these people. 

Thanks for an awesome weekend of camping Stevens family!! Looking forward to doing it again next year! =)
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