Sunday, September 20, 2015

Aisling is eleven!

Aisling's birthday was in July. However, given our timing of things we don't always get to celebrate things as they happen! Just this weekend Aisling was able to finally celebrate with her friends. They had a wonderful time sleeping over. I am so proud of her choice in friends. They are a special group of girls and I am so happy they are all in our lives!

The girls were even willing to include Siobhan in their activities. =)

A little "surprise makeover".... a makeover with a blindfold on! 

The results were.... interesting! 


The wonderful Suzanne came over to paint the girls' nails as well. 
They loved it! And she is not scary at all.  AT ALL. 

They all crashed and watched a move before bed. 

Breakfast was made by Al with waffles being on the menu! 

 After breakfast we decided some group pictures were needed. 
They decided to try a pyramid. It actually worked! 


These girls are just wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us!  =) 
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