Friday, August 1, 2014

Kamp Kaos 2014!

As usual another amazing time with our family of friends! I took over 500 pictures; so I will not share them all here, but some of my favorites.

Some highlights of this trip: Everyone trying new things. Aisling took the kayak out for the first time; Siobhan went in the canoe for the first time; we organized a polar bear swim one morning; we Frugolis took a nice long bike ride and a hike; and everyone enjoyed their hand a geocaching.

Per usual there was one day with a lot of rain; but games and fun under the pavilion passed the time easily. It was a very cold week; with only some sporadic beach days; but that was great weather for trying other new things!

Looking forward to Kamp Kaos 2015; our tenth year!

Al modeling his new fancy dish washing gloves. 

Camp cereal; the old fashioned way. (Her mind was BLOWN)

Siobhan and Genevieve learned about snakes; they read a book 
and did a craft and actually touched a snake. 
 Siobhan became a PRO on her bike this week! Those legs got stronger!

What's a camping trip without a makeover?

 I guess he's not the only ham in the family.....

We tried our hand at Geocaching. It's safe to say at least I am hooked. 

Best friends forever.

The teenager fire. 

Staying out of the rain.... maybe?

Our family of friends. (Missing a few)

A family shot after our hike up Owl's head trail. 

This year we had the Noble-Wasser dogs with us. They were so well behaved. 

Always Sassy

The boys entertained themselves with "Magic" cards. 

The girls. 

It was COLD. The water was so tempting; but it was cold upon exit! 

These boys shared a hospital room (they are two days apart),  
and are like brothers. Makes my heart warm. 

Ice cream with friends. 

Siobhan woke up early one morning and was treated to a canoe ride before anyone else awoke. 
What a special memory. It was lovely! 

Aisling decided to try her hand in the Kayak. We decided  we need to buy some. She loved it!

What is summer without lots of ice cream? 

Cold and rainy camping makes for a LOT of card games! 
 And board games!

A short hike was had with just the Frugolis. Although they complained to get going they did have a blast. We decided that next year backpacking is surely in our future. 

A mid hike family selfie. 

We also took a family bike ride. Siobhan's first time on the tag along! 
She did great and repeatedly asked to go again! 

Picnic lunch on our bike ride!

What a great time. It's always the highlight of our year. We already have next year's trip booked! Next year will be the tenth anniversary of Kamp Kaos! We are blessed with incredible friends.
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