Monday, June 16, 2014

A very Feisy Father's Day

Dance competition season is upon us (it seems always upon us in this house) and many of our holidays seem to be put on pause to celebrate dancing instead. (Which, I believe, neither of us would change at all).

This Father's Day it was a feis for Aisling.

This was the first time Aisling danced in her new solo dress. I am certain she spent more time smiling than she did dancing. She smiled when she put it on; she smiled when we took her picture; she giggled when it cast light onto the walls; she laughed when we took her picture. The child was distracted by her own beauty.

And, who could blame her really:

Of course there is an interesting story to the dress: we got it super cheap (used; off the rack) and it's an "old style" dress. But, we have fabulous dance friends who know how to work a be-dazzler.... so it's full of gems, love, and charm. 

As for the feis? She earned fourth place in her reel (one of five dances she did). She has a blast no matter how well she does. And really, what better Father's Day gift is there than that? 
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