Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stars Dance Convention

The weekend of October 19-20 Connor participated in the Stars Dance Convention in Burlington MA. A dance convention is an opportunity for a dance company or a competition company to showcase their dancers; and to lead master classes. It's an opportunity for local dancers to learn from new teachers and network themselves.

Connor was extremely excited about this convention as it was sponsored by the Stars Dance Studio. Stars are the stars of the "Dance moms Miami" reality show. I will admit we do let the kids watch this show. While I don't at all condone the way the moms act, it's fun for the kids to watch the other kids dance.

Needless to say, Connor was super excited to meet the stars of the show. In addition, Connor was prepared to pull out all the stops to be noticed. We talked before he left about working on not chewing his fingernails (which he does when he is nervous!) We discussed that he would most definitly not be the best dancer there, but that he coul still wow them by his attitude.

Well, it worked! Connor was awarded a scholarship to next year's dance convention; which means he gets to attend free of charge! It also means that he was able to do something to catch the eye of two of his favorite stars! Well done Connor!

Connor and Angel Amas, owner of Stars dance studio. 

Connor with Victor; the other owner of Stars Dance Studio. 

Connor and Sammy Small.

Siobhan with Kimmy Kopke. 
(Siobhan was so shy, Kimmy ran right over and picked her up. It was very cute). 
Kimmy is super small! 
Victor with all of my dancers

Connor with Mia Diaz

Connor with Derek Piquette, a guest artist

Connor and Siobhan with Jessi Kennedy

Connor's scholarship!
Way to go Connor! 


We had a wonderful Halloween this year.   We spent the weekend before Halloween in Vermont with our close friends to celebrate Nova's birthday. On our way we picked up some wigs for the girls' halloween costumes. They opted to wear old dance recital costumes, fancied up with some crazy wigs. The girls decided they would be pop-stars, and worked on their fierce faces!

That night there was also a Halloween party for the grown ups. I varied in my costume ideas. I debated between calling myself a 1980's chick or "Julie's closet". The wig did not last. 

That weekend Nova also helped Aisling decorate this pumpkin for a contest at the orthodontist, in the hopes of winning a contest. She didn't win, but she had a blast making the pumpkin with Nova. 

While we were away for the weekend, Connor purchased his costume. Typical eleven year old boy costume; scary as can be...!  Connor met up with our neighbors and had a blast trick or treating with his friend and friend's dad. We are so fortunate to have a neighbor the same age as Connor! They have been having a blast together.

The girls are ready to trick or treat!  As we headed out the door we met up with our other neighbor who is a friend from Siobhan's class. We walked around with them for most of the evening. That as a blast. All we need now is a special neighbor the same age as Aisling....

Mom and dad got into the action a tiny bit this year. 

Of course the kids carved their pumpkins as well. They did this Thursday after school. 

All in all a great night with a good haul of candy! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Boston Strong

Today was the parade for the Red Sox World Series Victory. We decided to take the kids today for so many reasons. Having grown up in Massachusetts I really do feel a part of Red Sox Nation; even if I don't religiously watch the games. Al and I wanted to impart that feeling onto our children. In addition, after the Boston bombings it really felt important to come together as a city and show our support for one another. That feeling was strong today. It was so hard to put into words to explain it to the kids. In fact, the kids didn't even want to go this morning. We were taking them away from their dance classes; and they were not thrilled! Once we were there and the parade finally went through (and the feeling in the air changed!) they understood, and they expressed their gratitude. All in all it was a fantastic day. We are so fortunate to live so close here now.

We chose to take the train in today, due to the fact that traffic would be insane. Here we are waiting for the train, and a few silly shots of us on the train. 

Hand games make waiting easier. 
Hanging out on the train
 We've arrived! 

My girls

Hanging waiting for the Duck Boats with our signs! 

 Here come the Duck Boats!  It was so crowded and very hard to see. But it didn't matter. We could see enough, and the crowd was exciting and amazing! The sound was thunderous, and the excitement was contagious. What a special feeling.  

These pictures are very blurry. I wish they weren't, but such is life!



It was a little disappointing that Big Papi was on the phone rather than with the crowd. 
But, he's done so much for Boston that it was forgivable. 
Later on in the route he actually ran the last part of the marathon. 
  A few shots of the crowd. 

 The parade was amazing, and I don't know how to adequately explain it.

After the parade we headed over to Faneuil hall for lunch. On the way we noticed a crowd of Boston Police standing in formation. It must be said that they were amazing today, and they were obviously amazing in April. While we were there, the crowd watching the police burst into applause. That brought me to tears.

 The crowd at Faneuil Hall was huge. But it was so well behaved. Everyone was in a great mood. I am so glad we had the opportunity to bring the kids to this.
 Of course we had to end the day with a little ice cream! 

 All in all a fantastic day. We are fortunate to have been able to share this experience with the kids, and I hope it is one they will remember forever.