Sunday, November 3, 2013


We had a wonderful Halloween this year.   We spent the weekend before Halloween in Vermont with our close friends to celebrate Nova's birthday. On our way we picked up some wigs for the girls' halloween costumes. They opted to wear old dance recital costumes, fancied up with some crazy wigs. The girls decided they would be pop-stars, and worked on their fierce faces!

That night there was also a Halloween party for the grown ups. I varied in my costume ideas. I debated between calling myself a 1980's chick or "Julie's closet". The wig did not last. 

That weekend Nova also helped Aisling decorate this pumpkin for a contest at the orthodontist, in the hopes of winning a contest. She didn't win, but she had a blast making the pumpkin with Nova. 

While we were away for the weekend, Connor purchased his costume. Typical eleven year old boy costume; scary as can be...!  Connor met up with our neighbors and had a blast trick or treating with his friend and friend's dad. We are so fortunate to have a neighbor the same age as Connor! They have been having a blast together.

The girls are ready to trick or treat!  As we headed out the door we met up with our other neighbor who is a friend from Siobhan's class. We walked around with them for most of the evening. That as a blast. All we need now is a special neighbor the same age as Aisling....

Mom and dad got into the action a tiny bit this year. 

Of course the kids carved their pumpkins as well. They did this Thursday after school. 

All in all a great night with a good haul of candy! 
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