Saturday, September 3, 2011

First day of school 2011! (already behaving badly)

This year we have a crew of four headed to school! Granted, Siobhan is only headed to pre-school, and it's located in the same exact building where she's been going to day care forever, and she already started pre-school last spring.... but it's the first day of school dammit! Let me have my moment! (I just need to point out here, that spell check did not like the word "pre-school" and instead suggested "pee-school". Seriously?)

The first day of school is such a momentous occasion. Our babies walk out the door; ready for another year of learning; ready to go be educated; ready to re-unite with their friends; and ready to stop driving their parents nuts and fighting with their siblings because they've had no structure for so long. Yahoo I say, Yah-Hoo.

On our first day of school here in the Frugoli house hold it's tradition to take the kids out to eat on the first day of school. Al has historically done this because, well, in the past the first day of school for them has also been my first day with students. My new job, however, allowed a little bit of flexibility, so I had the honors this year.

Breakfast at the Apollo Diner:

Ready for Preschool!
Siobhan has the same pre-school teacher that Connor and Aisling both had.
We LOVE Miss Erica and all the other teachers at Little Feats Too!!

Ready for second grade!!
And ready for fourth grade.
Well; he is. I'm not.

Those of you wondering where Wyatt is in these pictures have obviously never been around the boy first thing in the morning. Let's just say; he is not a morning person! Not his favorite time of day, but a long shot! In addition, his bus picks him up at 7:15, so there would not have been time for him to join us out to eat.

Now, on to the behaving badly....
As any good parents who are invested in a quality education would do; we took our children to the fair on the first day of school. I took Connor and Aisling to see Bruno Mars at the fair. That was a phenomenal concert. We really had a blast ,and I was impressed at his talent. Great music.

We went to the concert with some of our best friends. It may have been a bit of a late night for these two:

Since my children also seem to have the memories of elephants; and since we did promise them back in June that the could do the bungee jumping ride at the fair; and since we didn't do it the first day we were there.... well, you know where this is going.

Of course, if you're going to keep the kids up late on a school night with a concert and fair rides; why not go for the trifecta and give them crap food at 10:00 PM?

Welcome back to school kids.
Welcome back to my kids, school.
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