Saturday, September 25, 2010

The slow ascent

Each moment in parenting is a moment leading our children toward their lives as adults. With each passing season I am remarking on how much older my children are getting, most notably Connor.

Connor had a friend over today. It's one of his closest friends, and it happens to be a girl. They've been in class together for two years, but are in different classes this year. Connor has been nervously chatting about this difference, worried about losing her friendship. Thankfully, she was able to come over today. I noticed that Connor was wearing some of his school clothes this morning, and asked him several times to change into play clothes. Finally, he told me that he looked "cool" in these clothes, and would not be changing them.

Finally it dawned on me, he was dressed to impress! Thankfully, most of his interactions with her during the day still involved playing nerf tag and racing around the yard. I think the ascent will be slow yet.
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