Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vermont Maple Festival!

We went to the Vermont Maple Festival yesterday. It's one of my favorite things for a few reasons. First of all, I really love maple syrup. I htink it's a requirement of living here. Also, the maple festival marks the start of spring for me. Yeah, yeah, I know it's been spring for over a month, but this is Vermont people!

We had a great time. We started the day with the annual pancake breakfast. There was a great little band with fiddles and guitars and a guy playing the spoons. The kids LOVED that, and Aisling discovered her dress was great for twirling! Next we headed out to a craft fair at the high school. This was a little dissapointing. We were looking forward to doing some Christmas shopping, but we really didn't find much. We also had a bunch of stuff with us, and it was hard to navigate. We had Wyatt and his wheelchair. (It's just too much for him to walk all day). We also had the baby in the Ergo carrier. Then we had the wagon for the biggers. It's an extremely long day, and Aisling still gets a bit tired. We also had it for Siobhan so she could sit in the wagon and see better. This is our wagon. However, ours also has this attachable trailer on it. So, when you have insane amounts of children (and things) like us, you can drag it all behind you. This is actually really convieneint for things like the diaper bag, the kid bag (which had water, and cameras, and sunblock) and things we bought. But, we were like the shriners in a parade.
Annoying small people that just keep coming.After the craft fair we went on some carnival rides. This was great, but so super hot. Then we went to our annual meal with our friends. Between all of us and our children we realized we were 11 people! (And only four adults! I bet you wish you were there too!)

Finally with some sugar on snow, maple cotton candy, and maple creemees, we were on our way home!
The ice princess

The matching sister on the carousel


Also, Here's a quick picture of Siobhan and her walker: She's making some great strides!

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