Monday, March 30, 2009

Mommy's little helper.

You'll not be seeing any photographic updates of the children anytime soon, oh no. So, if you're here just for that, I suggest coming back in a week or two (or a month...). Our camera has gone to the big photo development lab in the sky. How, you ask? Well, a certain four year old is quite the helper. See, Aisling is the middle child. And, as such, one of her survival techniques in this crazy family is to be the pleasing, helpful, and all around wonderful child. (Minus the crazy tantrums, but we'll just chock that up to the Irish/Italian blending). The other day she took the camera to take pictures of her room which was, of all things, CLEAN! She brought the camera back down and it was wet. Al decided (after hesitation I'm sure) to ask why the camera was wet. (Had she washed her hands and gotten it wet? Had she gotten a drink and gotten it wet?) The answer was that she had washed it. (How utterly helpful...). And how did you wash it? Al wants to know of course. (or, does he...) Did you wipe it with a baby wipe? A washcloth? Oh no, of course not. She took the camera and submerged it into a sink full of water. Of course, when one washes things, one needs soap. So, clearly the purple foaming soap is perfect for washing cameras, dontcha think? The camera left this little session cleaner, shinier, and wetter. Sadly water and digital cameras do not mix well. So, we are without our pocket sized camera. We do have a larger camera, but it's a pain to use. It is, however, dry.
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