Thursday, November 22, 2007

More catching up!

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a nice day. My dad came over for dinner. The kids were great, if exhausted from a lack of naps the past few days. Also, right before dinner Connor started asking when everyone was coming over! Sorry to disappoint, but we have a small family. He was really crying and he thought that Quinten was coming over for dinner! Poor guy. He got over it, especially once the food was served! Anyway, I don't have pictures yet, but will soon. I do, however, have pictures from Halloween.

Painting pumpkins: (It all washed off, but an afternoon of quiet was so worth it!)

Carving pumpkins:

Playing in the leaves!

I also have Halloween pictures. I have to apologize for the quality. I didn't have my "Poor light, excited candy filled children" filter on. We had a princess (Belle) a king, and a transformer (Optimus Prime).

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