Monday, August 20, 2007

Camping, again. No burns this time!

So, we had our third annual 'family' camp week from July 31-August 5. This is a week where several families, depending on the day, get together to camp. We've had the same place for three years in a row now. We camp at Lake Groton, at Stillwater State park. We can actually get to the lake from our campsites. The kids can play in a little bay area while we are sitting around camp. It's the greatest campsite I have ever been to! Unfortunately, they were booked for next year, so we won't be able to go there again. No worries, we have a new place. This is the most wonderful trip, and the kids (and adults) look forward to it all year long. There are at least 8 children under 10, depending on the day. It's amazing how they are able to play together so well. Take kids with no TV or anything for a week, and it's so fun to see their imaginations! This year we were able to go fishing, and we also rode in our new canoe. It's always an amazing blast. Words cannot describe how much fun we have there, or how special this trip is to all of us! This group of friends, is really more like family, and my female friends are really like sisters. Get 4-5 sisters together and you can picture the camping trip! Here are some pictures.

Here's a little bit about the pictures: Connor fishing off the pier; Connor, Aisling and a friend splashing at the bay at our site; the beach, this is across from our campsite. In years past we have biked there. This year we took the canoe across the lake; Connor and Aisling at a little shelter built by the CCCs which is at the top of Owl's head, a little hike we do each year; Al and Aisling fishing; Aisling eating a s'more (and glowing for some reason); Connor splashing at our site; Aisling nursing her baby and reading a hiking book; Al washing dishes; the Frugoli family at Owl's head; all the kids at the top of Owl's head (we had two more one day when some friends came to visit. Ages from left to right: 5, 2, 3, 6, 10, 9, 5, 9, 5. Great mix! and last, our tent city! We have four tents right there, one tent in a lean-to out of camera range. we also have one lean-to devoted to food and cooking, and one devoted to playing (stage...).

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