Monday, June 4, 2007

long time no blog

Wow, has it been a long time. Sorry! We've been pretty busy. Where to start.... Well, we marched in the Essex Memorial Day parade. That was a lot of fun. We marched with our church. Connor alternated between riding his bike and riding in the float. Aisling rode in the wagon, and Wyatt, of course, was in his chair. Al and I walked, and alternated between jumping on the float to help Connor off!

Yes, I am a total dork, and dress the kids in matching clothing.

We also had our annual yard sale. I wonder how a family can manage to get rid of so much stuff every single year! At the sale, Connor held a bake sale. He earned a sweet $12.00! Enough for a new transformer.

We were also able to get Aisling a new bike, which was needed, as Connor trashed the old plastic one.

I didn't know they made bikes that small!

This weekend I took Aisling to a princess party. It was a fund raiser for the American Cancer society. It was a lot of fun. In my opinion it was lacking, but Aisling had a great time. They gave the girls makeovers (Yes, my 2 year old was in makeup...) and nail polish. She also played "Ring around the rosy" with the other princesses! She also had her picture in the newspaper. Click this link to see that.

I guess that's it for now. I really should go to bed! We are thinking about going away for the weekend, so I'll have more pictures after that!
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